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Intermediate 2 Model Essay Exercise In the novel 'Heroes' by Robert Cormier it is tempting to see the part in the novel where Larry LaSalle assaults Nicole in.

The session ended in a discussion manner where I was also able to share with him my own personal experience, this relieved me of the bad memories. The speaker had a feeling that he was wronged and that the person whom he claimed had wronged him was not interested in whatever he was saying. The problem at hand involved a friendship that had fallen apart. The two friends often had been talking past each other and at each other, but they could not talk with each other. None of the parties could believe that the message they were trying to deliver was listened to let alone being understood.

They felt disrespected. With such a background, the person was distrustful, close-minded, frustrated, hurt and discouraged. My role in this situation was to constantly model conflict-management behaviors, I tried to create a friendly environment where the conflicting side had clear heads that could allow them to listen to each other. What I came to understand later, when I got a chance to have both parties on the same table, is that this was their first opportunity they had ever had to express their stories in full.

Giving them all the time and playing a coordinator, the parties were able to hear for the first time things that they had not heard before and speak things of equal magnitudes. This openness broadened their understanding to the perception of each other on the issues that between them. This opportunity opened their previously closed-mind and created a receptivity to the views that later happened to be the building block for sustainable settlement.

By creation of an environment where there was trust I hoped that some threads of trust would start to bond the two persons while at the same time substitute the negative images that they had for each other. It was until I created this environment to listen form the aggrieved persons on the table that it came clear to me the root of the conflict. The moment I identified the core of the issue, a settlement to that phase of problem was just a step away.


Possessing the knowhow to accept others and conviction in the exploring the potential for change, awareness of ethical and moral choices. Moreover, sensitivity to the values held by oneself and by the person seeking help. An attitude is an uncompleted or potential tuning behavior process. Is a view of person towards the condition to which is calling for his adjustment.

Once the adjustment is done, the attitude will disappear. At first I assumed that both parties were biased in their view of the problem, where each party was trying to justify its opinion.

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By assuming this position, I worked towards bringing both parties to the table. This was, however, done after listening to the two sides of the story. By helping to resolve this problem I was able to develop confidence, trust and hope in the parties that were conflicting. This experience had a positive impact on my perspectives toward the feelings of other people.

I was also able to take a neutral position during the whole period of settling the conflict. I had a lower attitude at first on the opinion of others, especially when they seemed irrational or in disagreement with my own attitude toward an issue that demanded my adjustment. It is through this experience that I learnt the importance of listening as a way of settling conflicts.

I learnt to appreciate the diversity of beliefs that are held by others. Even though the entire crisis was not resolved on the mediation table, positive altitudes have a profound contact on the parties. The experience enabled me to mediate the case and appreciate the role played by the having attitude that can accommodate the views of other people.

From the start of the mediation, I believed that the problem could be resolved and a sustainable solution attained at the end of the discussion. These people could sometimes confront each other on the table of mediation and I had to interrupt them, telling them that but getting back to the past incidents could not lead to amendment of the issue, I made sure that at such an occasion a short break or diversion of the course of discussion ensured their mind was clear to continue with the amendment of the conflict. Cognitive ability , clarity and flexibility are examples of other key competencies.

The motive of helping the parties to settle their differences was to ensure that they understand the role each one played to make the situation the way it is.

Self-Awareness in Counselling Training

At the end of the discussion each person was aware of the role he could have taken to save their relationship from the crisis in which they found themselves into. This was important so as to give them a foundation to the future where they can solve such problems without including a third party. At the end they agreed to amend the differences with understanding. They help me in upholding cognitive ability as a way of resolving conflicts.

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Awareness of self - absence of personal needs or irrational beliefs that are destructive to the therapeutic alliance, self-confidence, the ability to tolerate strong or uncomfortable feelings in relation to clients, secure personal boundaries, ability to accept a client, absence of social prejudice and authoritarianism. In the case of conflict discussed above self awareness played important role, by creating self-esteem in the mind of the conflicting persons, they came to the awareness their ability to amend issues that may arise among them in future.

Their potential to handle conflict with understanding among themselves started to develop. Once their minds were clear they were able to see the part played by the lack of self-awareness. The foregoing discussion tries to cover some aspects of counselling and due to the nature of their field it is extremely hard to exhaust all the aspects or approaches in this field.

Psychodynamic counselling has a long history and vast literature to condense so only a brief overview is possible here — following on from the themes already discussed and with particular focus on four psychologists: Freud, Jung, Adler and Klein. This is what Rogers described as touching the inner sprit of one another and transcending to something larger in which growth, healing and energy are more likely to be experienced Thorne, Some of the most effective spiritual disciplines practiced by counsellors such as prayer, meditation, mindfulness and self-exploration are discussed in the.

Sanders et al , p. Without self awareness and knowledge, we all have a tendency to repeat patterns of behaviour unconsciously. Therefore in order to ensure that sessions are client centred and not biased, it is important to achieve an insight and understanding of self.

My placement contract entailed, co-facilitating a six week psycho-educational group therapy workshop on returning to work with confidence whose inherent purpose is to educate job seekers on building self-esteem and confidence Sonia Online, I will argue that without the development of self-awareness neither a trainee nor qualified counsellor can meet the core conditions set out in most theoretical approaches to counselling, congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard.

I will also argue that counselling trainees need to experience the role of client themselves before they can take others.

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Folashade Oloniyo Abstract In this essay, the characteristics of a counsellor and a friend will be expanded upon in order to gain a greater knowledge for deciphering the two. We all have been in situations where we hit a brick wall in our life and are unsure of the next step or the next move to make. We have close friends to whom we can turn and reach out to, but in some situations, are they really our best option for help?

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Friends are needed for support on many levels, but on others, professional reinforcement may be of greater good. With that said, I challenge you the reader and ask the questions: What is counselling? How does a counsellor …show more content…. I told her that as long as she keeps the door to her life open, he will continue to come back and let himself in. He sleeps with you when he needs a fix, but lives with another woman and their child. You should deem this your second chance. All I can do is hope and pray that my words solidify in the back of her mind.

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Her actions were so silly and desperate and completely opposite to how I would have acted. I attempted to transfer my views as diplomatically as possible, trying not to cause a wall of defense to be built. In an actual client and counsellor setting, this type of thinking definitely defies objectivity standpoints that counsellors should ensue. Objectivity is.