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Method for Uncertainty Calculation: The system was setted as shown in Figure 1. The distance between light and photoelectric efffect module was measured by meter stick and the value was noted to Table 1. The hole that absorbs light was closed by the square cubbard.

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The value was written down. The steps was repeated for another 4 times. The steps was repeated with using Filter C, D and E. Note: After every data taken, the hole that absorbs light was closed by the square cubbard. It was necessary to reset the value on the multimeter before another data taken. The meter stick was used to set the the distance between light source and photoelectric effect module to 10 cm height. The steps was repeated for 4 times.

Then the meter stick was used to set the the distance between light source and photoelectric effect module to 20, 30, 40 and 50 cm for the same measurements with different distances.

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The distance is determined as Note: To calculate the Planck constant from these data, we can use Frequency versus Stopping Potential graph which we can define Planck constant, work constant and thershold level. First we need to calculate frequency of light that can pass through the filters and arrive photocell. The calculated frequencies are presented below; Wavelength 10 -9 m Frequency. Graph 1.

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The percentage error for Planck Constant: Literature value: 4. Performance Experiment: Distance btw. A: This raw data table shows the the stopping potentials for 5 filters depend on 5 different distance between lamp and photoelectric module with their uncertainties. Note: Error Calculation experiment data is shown as trial 1 to 5. It can be used due to keeping the materials same for the experiments. Graph 3. Data Analysis: Graph 1. First, the stopping potential is approximately 0, eV in 5. Then, an incerease occcurs with a high slope between two, cause apx.

But in two other continuous data, the slope of the line sharply decreases and there is just apx. On the other hand, the final frequency, 7. Graph 2. In addition, it is drawn as a result of main experiment, with 20,01 cm displacement between light source and photoelectric effect module. There is a great increase same like graph 1. In addition, it is drawn as a result of main experiment, with 30,03 cm displacement between light source and photoelectric effect module.

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It is very similar with Graph 1. The stopping potential decreased by apx. On the other hand, in general the stopping potential is proportional to frequency of light. In addition, it is drawn as a result of main experiment, with 40,02 cm displacement between light source and photoelectric effect module.

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In overview, it seems like stopping potential increases when the frequency of light increase but between second and fourth value, reduction occurs and it affects slope of the line in a decreasing way. In addition, it is drawn as a result of main experiment, with 50,01 cm displacement between light source and photoelectric effect module.

The graph is similar with graph 2. Then, the experiment was done for 4 other distances 20,30,40,50 cm and based the error calculation experiment data as literature to comment about the effect of distance. The Graph 3. In addition, to comment the relation between Planck constant and stopping potential, the work function was kept same by not changing the photoelectric effect module and light source and made Planck constant as a dependent variable that can change in every single experiment.

To achieve a conclusion, the Graph 3. Planck constant and the distance between light source and target metal are directly proportional. Because, the work function of metal is constant so the stopping potential is inversely proportional to Planck constant.

So, the result of the experiment shows that distance between the light source and target metal increases the stopping potential found by the system decreases. As a result of experiment, It allow us to discuss about the confidence of the system.

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The reasons behind the noticable percentage error are error sources and limitations in the experiment. Another limitation might be that the intensity of light that can not precisely controlled. The reason is, the point light source can not directly send the light with same intensity to the photoelectric efect module in different distances due to the wave characteristic of light, which cause a decrease of intensity when distance increases.

In addition, the sunlight reached the system could cause a difference in intensity of light Not at all, the experiments about photoelectric systems are done in vacummed areas to calculate a precise value. What is your name? What is your postal code? What is your email address? Email Continue.

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