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Intermediate 2 Model Essay Exercise In the novel 'Heroes' by Robert Cormier it is tempting to see the part in the novel where Larry LaSalle assaults Nicole in.

Chairs certify that by the standards of the discipline, proposals meet the criteria listed. Contract Honors Proposals are generated online through the Honors Student Dashboard with approval of proposals completed electronically. More information and instructions for using the Dashboard can be obtained by contact the Honors College. Remedial courses are not suitable for contract honors. Contracts are not normally approved when an honors section exists for the same course e. Projects in the historiography of any discipline are acceptable.

Contract proposals must be submitted by the published due date. Instructions for accessing the system are sent to faculty via email by the week before finals week. Honors students are required to complete 60 hours of volunteerism on an annual basis. Twenty hours may be accumulated in the summer with the approval of the Honors Director.

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Reporting of volunteerism is required at the conclusion of each activity. All Honors students are required to participate in the annual Global Day of Service held at the beginning of fall semester. Students who connect to the university through active participation demonstrate higher satisfaction and retention. Honor students are required to engage in student life. All Honors Students are members of the Honors Trustees.

The Trustees is an official student organization at YSU. The group receives funding from YSU to sponsor events and volunteer projects that are available to the University community at large. Rotaract is also an organization available to students ages with the focus on the development of young adults in their communities through service and leadership.

The Honors College leads the National Scholarship Committee composed of faculty and staff from across the campus to advertise scholarship opportunities and prepare students for prestigious competitions such as the Truman, Marshall, Goldwater, and Rhodes Scholarships.

Information and applications for these scholarships are maintained by the Honors College Office.

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Honors students are encouraged to participate in study abroad experiences. The Honors College staff will assist students with letters of recommendation for participation and potential scholarship opportunities. Both residential and commuter students can enjoy the community that exists within honors.

Two on-campus honors residential learning communities--Cafaro House and Building 2 of the Courtyards are available.

Cafaro House is equipped with a computer lab and academic wing. The accommodations are 4-, 8-, and person suites with two students per room. The Courtyards offer either 4-person, 2-person, or single apartments. Fok Hall now serves as the home for the Honors College staff and is situated half-way between both residential communities and within convenient walking distance from the six academic colleges.

Available in Fok Hall is a student lounge, conference room, study space, meeting rooms, relaxation room, and the Penguin Pantry--all of which provide space for community building and learning. Commuter and residential students enjoy the home-like atmosphere within Fok Hall to foster learning and collaboration.

Honors students are required to complete documentation of all requirements for the annual end of the year review. Students are required to maintain records and report all service conducted outside of the university, student work demonstrating mastery of student learning outcomes, and other scholarly and academic work of added value to retain in the online portfolio. A student's permanent record will be the sole official record of his or her honors courses and seminars, each of which will be designated with an "H" after the catalog number, or in some cases, with a note detailing that honors credit was earned for that particular course.

Back to YSU. Overview Programs Curriculum Engagement Requirements. Cossentino Mission of the Honors College The mission of the Youngstown State University Honors College is to provide academically talented students of any discipline with a community of excellence to develop their full intellectual and cultural potential.

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Course material is covered in much greater depth than in a traditional class. As reflected by the transcript and diploma, an Honors student has shown the desire and ability to go above and beyond what is traditionally required by the University. Students who are not honors students may graduate with Research Distinction by writing a thesis. A minimum GPA of 3. Are you interested in undergraduate research, but don't know where to start?

Mariah Warner Successfully Defended Her Undergraduate Honors Thesis! | Department of Sociology

Contact one of our Peer Research Contacts! We have six political science students who are available to answer your questions and give advice on conducting research at Ohio State. You can find their names and contact information here. Experienced undergraduate researchers will guide a small group of students with shared research interests through a path to research involvement.

Expanding your Ohio State network! When it came time to decide where to go to college, what stood out about. OSU and the Honors Program? It was exciting to be in an environment of passionate people who were all so motivated to succeed and make a difference. Since I did not know a single person on campus, I knew that the Honors Program could make the large campus a little smaller right from the start with small Honors classes and Honors residence halls.

I wanted a challenging, but supportive, learning environment and the Honors Program at Ohio State exemplified this. My involvement with Dr. Allison Bean Ellawadi and her lab, The Autism and Child Language Learning Lab, was one of my favorite undergraduate experiences, and a relationship and involvement I have continued while in graduate school. Without her continued guidance and support, I would not have entered graduate school with a passion for autism research and the foundational skills to pursue it at an advanced level. What are some of your most memorable moments from attending OSU?

Most importantly though, these memories all involve amazing friends and fellow Buckeyes who I am so lucky to have met while at OSU. How did the University Honors Pro-.

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A unique aspect of the University Honors Program is the option to complete an undergraduate honors thesis. When I began my undergraduate career at Ohio State, research was not an experience I planned on pursuing. While I was aware that Ohio State is a renowned research university, I believed that the only way to conduct research was to sit in a lab experimenting with chemicals and I knew that was not for me.

It was not until I discovered Dr. I had the opportunity to present my honors thesis at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, as well as local and national conferences.

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This experience taught me about the importance of evidence-based practice in speech-language pathology and bridging the research to practice gap. As a future speech-language pathologist, I plan to continue my involvement in research and hope to collaborate with researchers to continue the advancement of clinical knowledge.

What advice would you give to recent alumni in pursuing their passions? Navigating life after graduation is hard! Tell us about your graduate program. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in speech-language pathology to become a certified speech-language pathologist SLP. SLPs help people of all ages and abilities improve their communication abilities. I always joke that because I love talking so much, I decided upon a career that enables me to help others express themselves too.

I always tell people that Columbus is such a great city for young professionals yo-pros, if you will. What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your current studies? For me, the challenging and rewarding aspects are intertwined. There are so many topic areas in speech-language pathology, that each time we learn about something new I uncover a new interest, which makes it difficult to narrow down what I really want to pursue. At the same time, it is exciting to know that I am gaining the knowledge and skills to serve clients from children with expressive language delays to adults with brain injuries.

What are your goals for the future? I began graduate school with the ultimate career goal of becoming a Spanish-English bilingual SLP, combining my passion for cultural and linguistic diversity with my aspiration to help children overcome language challenges. I am actively pursuing this opportunity by working with faculty in both the Speech and Hearing and Spanish departments to create a Spanish topic specialization and bilingual clinical placement opportunities.

Further, my experiences as a first-semester clinician have ignited my interest in clinical education. I have established a second career goal of contributing to the development of clinicians upon graduation, either through a clinical faculty position at a university or by mentoring SLPs during their clinical fellowship year.

Spotlight on Kelsey Mullen: Her Undergraduate Honors Thesis

The stereotype of pitiable college students living off of ramen noodles and coffee is a familiar one. Unfortunately, this low nutrition lifestyle can have long-term health consequences. One student-led organization provides hope to those whose limited resources have caused them to adhere to the ramen and coffee diet.

Best Food Forward is a bulk buy-. Many people would assume that with the abundance of dining halls, accessing food would be the last thing a student at The Ohio State University would need to worry about. Unfortunately, the reality is that for many students, food security is a. Students living off campus and students who are no longer on a meal plan can have difficulty accessing healthy food because of cost and location. The cost. Students line up to pick up their orders from Best Food Forward.

Pickup locations vary to allow students in different areas of campus access. Students often turn to easily accessible low nutrition options such as fast food and junk food in an effort to save money and time in the short term.